Astrology Tips For Getting a Job

Astrology can help people in various aspects of life. However, if there is one area where astrological help is sought the most, it has to be for finding the right job. This post discusses some tips from astrologers, which can be very helpful in getting a good job.


Astrology has been in India for millions of years and it has been influencing the citizens of India since then. With the advent of technologies and communication, astrology has now spread around the world. Astrology can be helpful to people in almost all aspects of life such as love, relationship, career, family, business and so on but the most important aspect is finding a job. Here are some astrology tips from an Astrologer in Toronto to gain stability and success in the job.

Doshas responsible for problems relating to Career and Job

Before we move ahead, let’s first understand some basic reasons according to astrology due which you might not be able to get a good job.

Presence of Pitra Dosh

Unfavorable planetary positions

Working place planet and environment is not compatible your planetary conditions

Mahadasha or Antardasha of the planets

Presence of Grahan Yoga

Astrology Tips

Once we have understood the reasons for not getting a job, now it’s time to take up some tips or remedies which will help in getting a good job soon.

Keep an object made of silver with you all the time

Enchant the mantra “Om Kraam Kreem Krom Sah Bhomaya Namah.”

Start donating some particular objects in the name of that specific planet which might be becoming a hurdle in your success.

A good gemstone according to your zodiac sign and the planetary movements can be very helpful in reducing the hurdles or even totally abolishing them from your life and also in attaining a job of your choice

Tips for Government Jobs

Many people are already working in government offices or looking for a new government job and in that case, there are some other tips which could be useful.

Enchant “om Ghrini Suryaye Namah.”

Donate almonds on every Sunday to the poor and needy.

Sun, moon, Jupiter and Mars play a very important role in this aspect, and therefore it becomes crucial that you have a positive influence from their side. You might have to wait for these elements to position in a way that benefits you, but you could also resort to other ways and remedies with the help of a professional astrologer for some quick results.

Astrology is the art of understanding the movements of the planets and relating it to the future activities of people. Job opportunities are very important and some may even change your career forever. Therefore it’s better to work hard and wait for your right time to come. You may even resort to Astrologer in Toronto or India for better tips.


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