Why You Should Keep Faith on Astrology?

Although, most of the people in this 21 century will hardly say that they believe in astrology but in reality, they have look into their zodiac signs characteristic for once in a life. Indeed, no person on this earth can deny the fact that they haven’t took a chance to peep into their horoscope just for once. And especially in cases when your horoscope speaks about wearing a particular colour, let’s say yellow, than it is for sure that you will search your whole house to find a yellow colour dress to wear that day.

Rajat Nayar

Isn’t it surprising that whether we ask it or not, our mind will try to follow what is being said in our horoscope? And yet at the same time people accuse the astrologers for creating such superstition in their mind.

Astrology, practice by many, has been on this very earth for more than 1,000 decades. Based on astrology, people during that period of time find their ways (either the path to reach their destination or to foresee what is going to happen in future) through the sun, moon and the movement of stars.

The answer to the question of ‘why you should keep faith on astrology’ lies in its self. Astrology helps you in keeping the faith in God in every way. Somehow it helps you to foresee what is going to come on your way and thus helps you preparing for it in some way.

Despite the fact, it is hard for people to believe in the working and method of an astrologer. Since they give no proof to support their hypotheses, and hence become a ‘word of mouth’ for the people who ask for a scientific reason for the same.

The science of astrology makes the pre-assumption that our mind is connected to the universe. It is believe that a person’s behaviour, emotions and fate were heavily influenced by the month of that person’s birth, that is, person’s astrological sign. It is being proved that our minds are interconnected somehow through various scientific experiments. Although, this are just theories that has been put forward by many.

In fact, people who say astrology as ill-logical way to manipulating people should know that astrology includes numerology that is mathematics (a part of science!). There are many numerologist in Mumbai who will help you to understand this concept in a better way.

Many people claim that astrology is just a belief. True!

But it is also true for those who believe astrology to be false without any knowledge. However, for those who have studied it, astrology is knowledge and one that can be tested and verified.

It is being well said that “Prevention is better than cure”. Indeed, astrology helps in preventing the harm or issues that can effect in a person’s future. And sometimes, there might be ‘no cure’ for that issue. Hence astrology proves its worth in every way.