How to Planet Effect of Astrology Science?

Astrology is mainly the study and analysis of stars position and planets movement which influence human affairs, behavior, daily life and upcoming pattern of lifestyle.  The movement of stars and planets affects human beings in different terms as they have some meanings according to the theory of astrology.


But here’s a question arise that how does planets effect the human life and behavior?

Planets are the most important aspect or we can say element of astrology.  The reading of planets position is the key of astrology.  Planets show different nature and can make effect according to their nature and position.

Modern astrology is little different from earlier astrology as modern indian astrologer see it as a symbolic language.  They believe that future can be identified with the help of stars position as they symbolize certain messages which are quite hard to gather and spread.

Planetary effect on life:  As we all know that there are total eight planets in solar system but astrology also includes the Sun and the Moon in the list of planets according the research and theory of it.

There are two groups of planets in astrology which have different effects. The ‘inner planets’ which are the sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are known to move faster than the ‘outer planet’ group which consist of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

The inner planet affects the daily life of an individual and on the other hand the outer planet groups have the ability of creating and examining bigger movements of life which do not arrive daily.  Each planet has its own zodiac sign which define traits of the planet and effect human affairs.  Other than these planets there is another one which is categorized as an outer planet by astrologers. Pluto is that planet is still considered as a dwarf planet by astrology and it is said that its impact cannot be denied.

Astrology comprises reading and seeking behind the curtains of life.  Rajat Nayar, who is a famous astrologer in Bangalore believes that astrology has the bliss of changing current scenario of life by keeping an eye on planetary positions and present activities.